isotretinoin with no rx "I offer Organic Lawn Care Services tailored to the current state of your lawn so it can be nurtured to lush green health."

-Britt Phillips

click here now Services include:

Organic Start

Organic Start is where it all begins. It is designed to assess the current condition of your lawn and landscape. I'll conduct an analysis to assess soil and site conditions, answer those lawn care questions you always want to ask, and provide you with the reasons that are causing your lawn to struggle. From there I'll lay out the approach to create a better, healthier lawn. Learn more about Organic Start.

Custom Organic Lawn Care Programs

Through Organic Start program design I will develop a complete plan that I will detail and implement for you throughout the season. It will include a custom prescription of my full scope of services designed especially for your property and budget. Custom Organic Lawn Care Programs usually involve improving and building the biomass (soil) through organic inputs such as compost, nutrients, and other organic products and approaches.

Compost Tea Applications

Compost tea is a liquid application of the micro organisms that create the right soil environment for your lawn to grow. It is an important part of my ongoing services. Compost Tea Applications build soil biology and revive the soil food web. This helps to control plant diseases, provides plant health benefits, reduce pesticides, chemical fertilizer use, and water use.

Lawn Renovations

Sometimes we have to get down and dirty. Lawn renovations are the light construction services to amend your lawn by adding organic material to create the right soil environment to get us on the path to the lawn you envision.  A complete lawn renovation is recommended when a lawn or turf area is basically too far gone, meaning overtaken by weeds, the overall soil quality is very poor and would take too long to regenerate. When the area is mostly bare soil its time for a lawn renovation.

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