NH Organic Lawn Care Services

Creating beautiful, organic lawns in New Hampshire
using safe, child and pet friendly strategies.

Not sure where to begin for your chemical free lawn?

Complete Land Organics provides chemical free lawns safe for dogs to play on_600px
Lush organic lawn developed and nurtured by Complete Land Organics in Sunapee New Hampshire
Organic lawn in New London New Hampshire by Complete Land Organics

Organic lawn care services include:

NH Organic Lawn Care Programs

Customized to the current conditions of your property, your usage requirements, and the desired expectations for your lawn.

Compost Tea Applications

We utilize compost tea applications and other soil building strategies to develop a natural, sustaining turf system.

Complete Lawn Renovations

If your soil conditions are too poor it's often best to just hit the reset button and start over. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Britt Phillips owner of Complete Land Organics, a company that changing the lawn care industry with organic lawn care services.

Hey there, I'm Brittany Cooper Phillips, Accredited Organic Land Care Professional and Owner of Complete Land Organics.

I work with homeowners, businesses, and organizations
to build and maintain healthy and safe lawns, naturally with our New Hampshire organic lawn care services.


Complete Land Organics provides organic lawn care services in New Hampshire

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Complete Land Organics is a Member and Affiliate of the Organic Landscape Association. Read more on our FAQ page.