Brittany Cooper Phillips

Owner, Complete Land Organics

Britt Cooper Phillips, an organic lawn care specialist in New Hampshire

Advisor to the Organic Landscape Association
Accredited Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP) NOFA

I'm an Organic Lawn and Land Care Professional who works with home owners, businesses, and organizations to build and maintain healthy, safe, chemical free lawns naturally. I have a passion for soil regeneration as it applies to the care of lawns and pastures.

Like my lawns, my career has grown organically. I've worked in all aspects of the landscape industry and have been focusing on organic lawn care and landscape strategies since 2009. My company, Complete Land Organics, is focused on New Hampshire organic lawn care, with some fine gardening and other land care services sprinkled in.

You may have found my website because your lawn is struggling and you are not sure where to begin to create a thriving lawn. Well my friend, you are in the right place!

I create custom organic lawn care plans based on the existing conditions of your lawn with my Organic Review program.

There are many reasons your lawn isn't all you want it to be. I will identify those reasons for you and compose an integrated plan to get your turf on its way to better health without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers.  Your lawn will become a kid-safe and pet-safe recreational area for your family and friends.

Let me know if you are looking for a speaker, guest presenter, or panel member for your organization or event.

About my speaking engagements:

As a steward to Mother Nature, my passion is to remove pesticides and synthetic fertilizers from the land. I believe pesticides are harmful to all walks of life, and my purpose with public speaking is to educate property owners and managers so they can make better and more informed decisions on how to manage their land and lawns.

Public speaking experience:

Mountain Garden Club

The Long View Radio Show

Merrimack Public Library

Upper Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee

Concord Coop

Hookset Library

Dunbarton Garden Club

I have provided organic lawn care services all over New Hampshire. I'd love to work with you on your Concord, NH organic lawn care, Hanover, NH organic lawn care or Hopkinton, NH organic lawn care needs! I've also worked with residents to create chemical free lawns in many other towns throughout the state, including New London, Warner, Sunapee and many towns in between!

Not sure where to begin the process of developing a healthier, happier, sustainable lawn?

Complete Land Organics makes lawns in New Hampshire safe for children and pets to play on.