Pollen Vortex

The “Pollen Vortex” this spring???

http://nutriglee.com/?author=22 I am sitting in my office this morning and watching the rain fall out the window. NHPR’s The Exchange belts into the air from the kitchen radio. I hear the term “Pollen Vortex” and I am instantly a captivated listener.

buy priligy generic I’m not a sufferer of major allergies, but once in a while I find myself with a scratchy throat and a runny nose. I thought I would share their program with my readers because I know that there are a lot of people out there who are probably bracing themselves for a really tough allergy season.

Listen on NHPR

What I found interesting about the program this morning was the discussion of how climate change as well as major changes to the environment (burning of fossil fuel) are most likely behind the allergy issues.

The very late arrival of spring has held off the release of pollen because nothing is flowering yet. This has disturbed the sequence in which many different trees flower. If the temperatures suddenly get warm very quickly and stay consistent this could cause all of the trees to flower together and release pollen all at once and there you go! Pollen Vortex!

This story made me think about organic lawn care of course and how our approach here at Complete Land Organics uses no “petrochemical” products. Like any petrochemical activity, generating nitrogen from natural gas is a dirty process. To make synthetic fertilizer, ammonia companies not only generate vast amounts of carbon dioxide, they also emit millions of pounds of toxic chemicals each year into our environments and ecosystems.

See how all of this is connected?

This is why its so important to do small things to help save our planet. Start with practicing organic lawn care instead of using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, you will be making a huge impact!

Contact me to learn more about the value of organic strategies.

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